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Do you Paper Pumpkin?

If you do then you are set and ready for Valentine’s Day.  Paper Pumpkin is such an awesome script that makes it easy and quick to create beautiful projects.  This month’s kit is, of course, for Valentine’s but can easily be turned into anything else you need it to be.  From a Scrapbook page to Birthday Cards, this kit has it all!

Here is a video of what you will find in the January 2018 kit:

And here is a photo of some of the work in progress of the cards.

January 2018 Paper Pumpkin

And alternatives?  Well I’m glad you asked.

I LOVE flip books, especially ones made with envelopes.  I also LOVE craft paper….sooooo…yep, you guessed it.  I made a flip book.  This kit was just begging for it! I mean instant pockets and inserts galore. Very little cutting involved.

PP Jan 2018 Alternative Flip Book

Above is the front of my envelope flip book.  Below is the inside.  Oh my goodness, it took me less than an hour to create this gorgeous book!

PP Jan 2018 Alt Flip Book Open

As a bonus you get a peek at my messy creation station! Haha!  I am a very messy creator.  You can see that I used the included inserts as, well inserts.  This kit is so awesome, use half the cards and envelopes as they were intended and the other half you can create this flip book.

Stay crafty my friends!!!


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