About Stephanie Deese

Hi! My name is Stephanie Deese and I’m a wife and a mother of three, two boys and a girl.  I live in Georgia and I’m a Georgia Tech fan.  We are a house divided because my husband is a Georgia Bulldog Fan!

I’m a life long crafter.  My mother purchased a book that sparked my interest and set me on my path many years ago.  The book is “Childcraft, The How and Why Library, Volume 11” by World Book – Childcraft International, Inc.  Through this book I learned the art of paper crafting using scissors, glue, paint, folding and coloring.

I still have this book and every time I look through it the nostalgia hits me and I’m transported back to the 10 year old little girl who was amazed by everything she could make.  I have the same feeling when I’m creating cards, scrapbook pages and 3-D projects.  It’s just a different level now.  The way I feel when I’m creating is what some would say as “in the zone.”  It is a sort of therapy for me as well.  No matter how stressed I am when I start a project all is right with the world again.

I should also say that my crafting keeps my mom closer to me.  I lost her in 2011 to Cancer.  She made my childhood so special that the memories seem magical.  I hope that I’m able to pass that same special magic along to my kiddos.  I think all children deserve that type of childhood.  Which leads me to my other passion, children.  I am a CASA.  I hear you now, what is a CASA.  I’m a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children in care.  At the time of me writing this bio I am on payroll but most CASA’s are volunteers.  If I ever leave the paid position I intend to continue as a volunteer.  Advocating for the most vulnerable is my life’s calling and I do believe I will continue.

I joined Stampin’ UP! almost two years ago.  I joined because I was tired of making trips to the big box stores and being disappointed because I couldn’t find what I was looking for and in the correct colors.  Matching this company’s card stock to that company’s paper was a headache.  Enough, I’d had it.  I had purchased Stampin’ Up! products years prior but I had forgotten and lost track of the Demonstrator I had purchased with.  So I solved my dilemma by signing up as a demonstrator myself and now I am free to create with a well stocked craft room and I guarantee that my colors coordinate and match. I love it!  I’m also able to share with you my journey and passion.  I love sharing and I hope that I can inspire you to break open some creativity of your own and get lost in the “zone.”

Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and feel free to ask any questions.


Stephanie Deese